Lauren Terrigeol

Driven by a strong desire for far-off horizons, Lauren left the Alps where she grew up, for university and to travel to other countries. From Sweden to Quebec, she studied conservation biology and other environmental sciences, and then moved away to experience on-the-ground realities, through internships and volunteering projects. At the age of twenty she travelled to Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar; an 8 month journey of initiation, travelling independently. Other countries were added, long-term trips or phases of life abroad, and others are still to be added. Self-taught and guided by her passion for images and transmission, she has been on the road for ten years, with her camera in her hands and her pockets filled with notebooks.
Aiming for harmony, looking out for the right word. Taking nothing else for granted than freedom. Still exploring.
Has the connection to Earth and all life been broken?
In a world suffering from imbalance, Lauren explores the link between human beings and their natural living environment - forgotten here, preserved over there (somewhat) by the indigenous peoples, such a source of inspiration.
"Close contact with wilderness inspires me"
A passionate and committed photographer, she tries to direct her light on the unexplored and the unseen, on actors of a more harmonious society, on nature that oscillates between splendour and fragility. And by means of pictures or words, she shares this wonderfulness with authenticity, or maybe it's simply a certain understanding of the world through the filter of enthousiasm.
2020: Multimedia journalism apprenticeship | School Media Maker
2018-2020: Task Officer - National Actions Plans for Endangered species and prioritisation methodology to improve conservation | National natural history museum, Paris
2016: Task officer for mangrove restoration | WWF, Madagascar
2015: Master's degree "Integrated environmental, biodiversity and land management" | Universities of Sherbrooke (Québec) and Montpellier (France)
2013: Volunteer work in local environmental and conservation NGOs to better understand conservation issues in developing countries of the Indian ocean
2012: Bachelor's degree in biology | Universities of Geneva (Switzerland) and Lund (Sweden)

my services

I invite you to contact me for any additional information


Photo studio in natural light

Based between Annecy and Geneva, I offer photo shoots in Haute-Savoie and Switzerland. My favourite studio: the fresh air! I particularly like pictures taken outdoors, in contact with nature. In this welcoming environment, we more easily drop the mask endorsed in the city and relax and reconnect with our authenticity.
Why not hire a photographer to capture life moments, smiles and great joy!
What characterises me most as a photographer, is a great sensitivity, a feminine view. I am very intuitive and creative, which allows me to capture your personnality quickly, as well as the small details that compose a picture.
I like everything beautiful and harmonious, and I consider my mission accomplished when I see you radiate happiness through the results of a photo shoot.
Regain self-confidence with pictures that highlight and show who you really are. My experience as a model has taught me how to work with this unease we all have in front of the insistent look of the lens. Thus, with care and empathy, I guide you so that you will be at ease, in order to seize these changing and subtle expressions that make you unique.


Project your company with a visual identity that matches you!

For companies and the self-employed, image is an important part of your communication. Acquiring high-quality artwork for your visual identity is a good investment in your brand and showcases what is unique about your business. With my skills in professional photography, I can be a source of inspiration to you, and give you advice, and at the same time I adapt to your needs.

I value your works and apply a personalised and artistic approach to all my projects.
I develop visual content of quality that matches your medium of communication.
My services consist of making portraits as well as corporate shoots, with a natural and spontaneous dimension.
Through the medium of photography, I can transmit the image that makes you unique by showcasing your products, establishment and your teams.

Photo course

How to get from auto mode to manual mode

You have acquired a camera but it's no pleasure using it? Your pictures aren't satisfying?

In this course, my goal is to share the basic knowledge of photography with you, so that you can enjoy using your material and be able to take pictures that please you. I will teach you how to optimise tricky shooting circumstances, by using the semi-auto and the manual modes. There are lots of ways to get the pictures exactly as you want them.
My intention is to share information thanks to my experience and my sensitivity, and to support you personally through the course.
This workshop will be enriched with practical exercises in order to successfully integrate basic settings, and we will have a lot of fun.

Duration: 1h30
Beginner level

Photographic series

By definition, a series is a set of photos forming a coherent unity, to which the notion of narration can be added. Instead of words, it's through the visual that the photographer transmits a message, perhaps a story.
My series take place somewhere between a photo documentary and a travel report. I explore the link between human beings and their natural environment. I like to immerge in other lifestyles and traditions, curious to understand the relationship these communities have with nature. I like reflecting on this complex relationship.
My favourite subjects are conservation biodiversity, climate change, the place of women in society, marine environment and, more extensively, the authentic and unspoiled nature in all its beauty and fragility.
"Be the change you want to see in the world


Do you want harmony, nature and beauty to be a part of your interior decoration?
Here is a selection of my best pictures taken in different countries over the years, framed or not, in different sizes. Don't hesitate to contact me for more details, as some parts of the website are not translated into English.

Lauren Terrigeol
Based in Annecy, France
Working worlwide
00 33 698 85 75 31

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